Microheli CNC Performance package (RED) - BLADE MCPS

Microheli CNC Performance package (RED) - BLADE MCPS
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Microheli CNC Performance package (RED) - BLADE MCPS

The CNC Performance package is specifically designed with material strength and precise CNC tolerances, to optimize for stability, durability, response and overall performance of the Blade mCP S helicopter.

With its stylish look, outstanding features and designs, precision CNC high-performance parts and more, get ready to experience the next level of the CNC Blade mCP S Performance package by Microheli.

Note: You SAVE MORE THAN 10% OFF ordering this package and only exclusively at Microheli.


1 x Precision CNC Aluminum Main Blade Grip set MH-MCPX102
1 x Precision CNC Aluminum Main Rotor Hub With Button MH-MCPX101B
1 x Precision CNC Aluminum X Swashplate MH-MCPX112X
1 x Precision CNC Titanium Feathering Shaft set MH-MCPS004T
1 x CNC Delrin Main Gear With Auto-Rotation Hub set MH-MCPX167X
1 x Advanced X Frame MH-MCPS105X
1 x Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Landing Gear MH-MCPX106
1 x Carbon Rod Tail Boom MH-MCPS025BC
1 x Carbon Tail Support With Aluminum 2mm/3mm Boom Mount MH-MCPS123
1 x Tail Motor Mount With Vertical Fin set MH-MCPX125S


Use for Blade mCP S


Read and follow the Assembly Instruction carefully
Loctite (#242 is recommended) is required to apply to all mechanical screws for safety precaution
Basic hand tools


Manual and Instruction included


Blade mCP S is a registered trademark of Horizon Hobby, LLC


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